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Valerie's passion for travel and writing come together in a collection of travel stories with a difference. Far from being 'just another travel book', readers are transported with detailed sights, flavours, smells and indulgences that shape a complete and transformational immersion into faraway lands.  More like a transport system than merely a book.

Take in the culture and history of Spain, Portugal and Morocco and enjoy little known poetry from the regions as a literary delight.


Later all he could remember was the blood-red geranium on the window ledge. The vibrant flower found at every mine head. Superstitions long held of its magic power to keep the mine safe and the devil at bay. Well, it had not worked for Pa, had not protected him. The devil, in all his malevolent evil, had been there, to destroy the one person who had been the mainstay of Jonathon's life. 

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Would you like to learn about magic?

Discover it the way I did. A longed for adventure after reading Anne of Green Gables as a child. Travelling from Sydney, Australia through unknown destinations to Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia.

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”

Anne Shirley’s words came true for me.

Awaiting me was pure magic in a dusty mirror in a Green Gabled house.

Sydney stud Ryan living and working in the noisy cut and thrust world of the stock exchange.  Emotionally damaged as a small boy he cannot form enduring relationships.  He meets beautiful Julia, profoundly deaf, the epitome of calm, love, family relationships.


Ryan soon falls deeply in love and wants to sweep Julia off her feet.  However, before their two worlds can merge, they have to overcome many obstacles. Not the least of which is the unhinged callous behavior of Ryan’s sadistic mother.  Julia has her own agenda in that she wants to launch her own business, interior decorating, in the competitive hearing world.


How these two people help each other in their two very different worlds makes an interesting and enjoyable story with many twists until its happy conclusion.


A percentage of all book sales is donated to the Royal Society of Deaf and Blind Children.


WINNER - Biennale Book Award - Society of Women Writers 2005


Pause to peruse poetry and prose,





let them play with your senses.

A wonderful collection of twenty short stories about animals.


Including the Chocoholic Cat, Parrot in the Blitz and Dog in the Bush Fire.  The Pets of Alexander the Great and Tzu Hsi Empress of China.  The ill-fated Mary Stuart and delightful creatures adored by lesser mortals.


Together with further offerings of Valerie’s engaging poetry

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