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Valerie Pybus, Dip. ACJ is a past president of The Society of Women Writers NSW Inc. and past president of Fellowship of Australian Writers Manly & Penninsular Regional.


Originally from London and having lived in Australia for decades, Valerie draws on far reaching experiences and many years exposed to the professional entertainment industry.


A veritable powerhouse of energy, Valerie doesn't seem to stop.  She produces vast amounts of work, races between various enegagements and finds time for performing and presenting on top of spending quality time with her grandchildren.

Using her skills as an entertainer and presenter with lightning shift of British dialects, she is able to move her audiences rapidly between laughter and compassion.  


Valerie for the past 6 years has visited numerous venues giving performances to church organisations, Probus, View clubs, Rotary, Senior and health and Well-Being groups. Retirement Homes and Villages, Spoon Collection clubs, Twin clubs, Air Seekers, Trefoil Meetings, Lantern Club Groups to name a few, sharing nostalgia, whimsy and humour.


  • Diploma of Professional Childrens Writing (Australian College of Journalism, 2000)

  • Drama of Screenwriting. AFTRS (Aust. Film and Television School.)

  • The Story Series. 2012/2013. Intensive Screenwriting Series. With Karel Segers.

  • W.E.A.Creative Scriptwriting. 2002


Industry positions previously held

  • President, The Society of Women Writers NSW Inc.

  • President, The Fellowship of Australian Writers, Manly and Penninsula Regional NSW

  • Literary Judge, Rolf Boldrewood Literary Award - Poetry Section 2011

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